The school district is excited to announce the rollout of a new VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system, which will reduce costs for the district and also increase both security and ease-of-use for our district staff.

10/11/2019 Update: Dial '8' for External Calls

To better utilize some of the new features of our new phone system and reduce the number of unintended 911 calls, we are making the following changes to dialing out from a district phone:

Beginning on Monday, October 14, you will need to dial 8 to access an outside line from a District phone. 

To Dial 911: Simply dial 911 (or 8-911)

Local calls : 8-***-****

Long-distance calls: 8-1-***-***-****

9/13/2019 Update: New Ring Tone for Classrooms

Due to the large number of requests for a louder ring tone for classroom phones, we have created a ringtone called "Classic Ring Classroom". 

  • Select Applications Application Button  > Preferences > Ringtone
  • Select a ringtone and press Play, then press Set